Breaking two bricks

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Grading Results - February 2010

Thornbury Wu Shu Kwan would like to congratulate the sucessful students who took part in the Senior Gradings for February 2010.

Andrew Gregory 3rd Degree (Dan) Black Belt

Taylor Sims 1st Degree (Dan) Black Belt

Taylor recorded the highest score in his grading on the day coming top of all the black belt candidates at this grading.

students at the grading

Taylor Sims and Andrew Gregory pictured with Grand Master C.K.Chang

students at the grading

Group Photo of all the students participating in the Feb 2010 Senior grading

students at the grading

Andrew Gregory Breaking four wooden boards with side kick

students at the grading students at the grading students at the grading

Taylor Sims Breaking breaking tiles, brick and wood

Thank you to Wu Shu Kwan and Senior Master Des Radclife for the photographs from the grading. For the full results and official photographs from this grading please see Wu Shu Kwan Grading Results