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Wu Shu Kwan South West

We are a local, friendly Chinese Boxing club and meet in Thornbury South Gloucestershire (just north of Bristol) and Cardiff to teach the progressive and structured martial art of Wu Shu Kwan. Wu Shu Kwan is probably the largest authentic Chinese Boxing organisation in the world.

Chinese Boxing

Chinese boxing, commonly known in the west as practical Kung Fu, is the oldest name used by Westerners to describe the systematic and effective Chinese art of self-defence. Chinese Boxing is a traditional martial art. It aims to progressively train your body as well as your mind to achieve positive health and acquire effective skills to defend yourself at all times. Chinese Boxing is the art of total self-defence.

Wu Shu Kwan World Wide

Being part of the world wide Wu Shu Kwan organisation provides our members and instructors with the opportunity to regularly train with very high ranking martial artists including Grand Master C.K. Chang 8th Degree Black Belt and the highest authority on Chinese Boxing in the world.

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Wu Shu Kwan and Wu Shu Kwan South West will not be responsible in any manner whatsoever for any injury which may occur in an attempt to imitate the photographs shown on this website.